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Karin Schorm has been active in the international art-world since the 1980’s. As gallery owner, curator, and creative leader she has contributed greatly to the development of art in public space and the reception of contemporary artwork in Austria and internationally. Curatorial work includes “On Board” for the Venice Biennale, “Mondecho” for the Salzburg Festival, “Engelspfad” in Vienna, “Sound Moves in Full Colours” for Graz as European City of Culture 2003 and various collaborations with festivals and organizations such as WeinKlang (with enterprise z), a festival which has been taking place four times a year since 2007, PhonoFemme, launched in Vienna 2009 and 2010-12 the EU co-funded project Phonart – The Lost Languages of Europe with Mani d.o.o., Enterprise Z, mamapapa (CZ) and RingRing (RS).

Zahra Mani, from the UK and Pakistan (resident in Austria since 2002), is a musician, composer, curator and literary translator. She studied German and Philosophy at Oxford and moved to Austria in 2001. She founded Mani d.o.o. in Istria, Croatia, in 2005, as an organisation dedicated to creating trans-regional networks and collaborative platforms for art and culture. Zahra Mani has worked as a curator of various projects for public spaces, festivals and inter-medial events in Austria. As a musician, she performs live in various constellations, composes and creates multi-channel installations and radio art. Her work combines field recordings, instruments and voices in an ongoing exploration of sound and music. Her artistic and curatorial work challenges notions of boundaries, investigating and revealing the spaces between. http://www.zahramani.com